International Day of the Girl

My name is Clara Chindime, I work with UNICEF in the Basic Education and Youth Section. I have a very keen interest in the area of girls’ education because I know the power of education in a girl’s life.

Education opens doors for a girl, not only in terms of employment but also in life choices. Girls who have had access to education are more assertive, empowered and can make decisions about their lives. Girls who have an education up to secondary school also delay the chances of early marriage and early pregnancy.

Of course the field of girls’ education has its own challenges. I get disappointed when some of the girls we are supporting still drop out due to pregnancy and marriage despite the scholarship and material support that they are given. It all comes down to personal drive. Most girls are not empowered, hence they still fall prey to family and community pressures.

My wish is to see as many girls as possible continue with their education, to have an ambition and appreciate that with an education they can have a life beyond their dreams; they can travel the world and be powerful women in the society.

Girls can also play a role in ensuring that they achieve their dreams. They can form networks to encourage and support each other. In addition, those in secondary school can be attached to industries during the long school holidays so that they see a life beyond their community and village.

I get satisfaction when I see that the girls we are supporting are progressing to the next class. It’s like a personal achievement for me, knowing that I played a role in that.. I feel proud.

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  1. Good work Clara. Love your passion for girls education. We need hundreds of the likes of you to empower our girls. Keep up the good work!!

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