Perfect day? How dreams of marriage can lead to HIV in Malawi

Grace (not her real name) is a shy 19-year-old adolescent. She sits under the shade of a tree, with a baby boy sleeping in a chitenge on her back. Grace lives in Luwinga, one of the biggest towns in Mzuzu, where a lot of working people stay. She is the third born in a family of four. Her father died in 2010, leaving her mother to fend for the family.

Chimpololo village: a shining example of open defecation free status

The winding road to Chimpololo Village in Kasungu District can easily mislead someone as to what they will see. The meandering earth road through markets and a primary school is a busy site, but one thing that stands out in this community is how clean it is and the community members are still basking in the glory of its open defecation free status.

Why I still talk about ‘drones’

A drone being tested to monitor crop production and vegetation, to support subsistence farmers © UNICEF Malawi/2018/Scheibenreif By Michael Scheibenreif, UNICEF Malawi Friends recently asked me if reports in the media about the Israeli Defense Forces’ use of drones to drop tear gas on protesters along the Gaza border affects the way I envisage the … Continue reading Why I still talk about ‘drones’

Chief Kapoloma fights to end child marriage in Machinga

It’s a hot and sunny afternoon when Chief Kapoloma visits the home of teenage Fatima and her mother in Aisa village, Machinga district. He strides across the baked earth of a dried-out river bed, wearing a traditional robe and circular hat over smart shirt and trousers. The area is predominantly Muslim and there is a small brick mosque among the houses, adorned with a white star and crescent on the minaret. A cockerel calls out from a straw enclosure behind one of the mud brick houses.

My name is Tarsizious and I am a U-Reporter!

Tarsizious TJ Chikaonda, U-reporter UNICEF/Malawi/2018/Moving minds multimedia By Tarsizious TJ Chikaonda, 20, student at National College of Information Technology U-Report Malawi is promoting young people’s freedom of expression. As a young man, my father has always been my inspiration because of the achievement he made to get his PhD. So one of my many ambitions … Continue reading My name is Tarsizious and I am a U-Reporter!

My name is Francis and I am a U-Reporter!

Francis Chimberenga, a U reporter UNICEF/Malawi/2018/Chimberenga By Francis Chimberenga, 23, student at Malawi College of Health Sciences U-Report Malawi is a free mobile based-platform which addresses concerns that affects the youth through text message surveys. It provides a platform through which young people send their own concerns in form of text message. One can become … Continue reading My name is Francis and I am a U-Reporter!

U-Report: Giving young people in Malawi a voice!

U-Report was first launched in Uganda in 2011 and now has a presence in 40 countries. It is a free mobile-based tool to address issues that young people care about through regular opinion polls. As a UN Volunteer working for UNICEF, I attended the U-Report Malawi launch and share how it will give chance for young people to report on things happening in their community.

My name is Lilian and I am a U-Reporter!

Lilian at the U-Report Launch at Malawi College of Health Sciences in Lilongwe © UNICEF/Malawi/2018/Luhanga By Lilian Kaoza,23, Community Development student at Pentecostal Life University I was brought up in a community where there are so many issues affecting young people as well as the community. I like working with fellow young people as we … Continue reading My name is Lilian and I am a U-Reporter!