Life in the community

Rural and semi-urban areas tend to be disadvantaged when compared to their urban counterparts. Poor sanitation, poor hygiene, school dropout rates, and poverty in general, are greater. A 2003 study, Urban-Rural Inequality in Living Standards in Africa, found that living standards in rural communities lag behind urban communities. The study found many more boys go to school than girls. Unfortunately, young girls are married off or remain at home to perform on household chores.

Using drones in mapping mosquito breeding sites

Malaria is one of the major causes of death among children under the age of five. Globally, it kills a young child every single minute and causes 75 per cent of all under five deaths. Malawi experiences more than four million cases of malaria every year. Against this background, the Malawi National Malaria Control Program is working hard to eliminate malaria. The programme is improving access to malaria prevention and treatment drugs, and leading various prevention activities to control mosquito breeding.

Tracking the source of cholera

The day began as usual. I woke up at 6:30 am to get ready for work. An hour or so later, I arrived in Area 24 to join my colleagues, and try to stop the spread of cholera in the area. Area 24 is a crowded township located on the boundary between Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe, and the surrounding rural district. Our task for the day was simple: to locate, photograph and mark on a Google map all the nearby sanitation and hygiene facilities including toilets, water points and dumpsites.

Norway supports second chance education for vulnerable girls

Mirriam Samson, an orphan, got pregnant when she was 14 and dropped out of school. She survived on piece work but things took a turn for the better when she enrolled in a Functional Literacy programme in her village. The classes are provided by Adolescent Girls Literacy Plus (AGLIT+) in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development and UNICEF.

Dedza priest works with youth clubs to end child marriage

Father Kadzingo, 37 is a priest and youth chaplain for the Roman Catholic Dedza diocese. In the past, youth chaplains used to be older men, but now the church is appointing younger priests who can better relate to adolescents. Perhaps because of his age, Father Kadzingo is passionate about youth issues and his enthusiasm is infectious. He smiles broadly and laughs as he chats outside Ntcheu Parish Church, with a new Chichewa translation of the Bible in his hands.