Buildings that will give me hope

Esther Domoya, standard 7 student at Nankhali
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Jacob Nankhonya

By Esther Domoya

My name is Esther Domoya and I stay in Kazonga village, Tsabango. My parents sell tomatoes to make a living.

UNICEF will start building all these structures at the end of July. Things will start going well and this will give us hope.

“I would like to tell you how the construction project at my school, Nankhali, is progressing. Our school doesn’t have enough classroom blocks, water or toilets. We also need a library for studying.”

Esther gives her take on where the new buildings should be placed
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Jacob Nankhonya


I interviewed the District Education Manager, Anderson, Mthandika, who said: “The development has come at the right time because children were learning outside and would run away when it rained.”

“The rains meant that they wouldn’t learn that day. Things were not going well but it seems like they will start going well now.”

I also spoke to Ursula Currie from UNICEF who was excited about the project. “I am very happy today to share the pictures of the school to chiefs and parents.”

Ursula also said the money for building the school had been donated to UNICEF by Germany and she encouraged students to stay in school.

“I would like to encourage you all to work hard in school so that you can safeguard your future so you can get a good job when you finish your education.”

I am really happy about what is happening in my school. Our school didn’t have these structures but now they will start being built which makes me happy.

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