Providing a good learning environment for children

Chimwemwe Phiri , standard 8 student at Nankhali
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Jacob Nankhonya


By Chimwemwe Phiri

My name is Chimwemwe Phiri. I am a standard 7 student at Nankhali Primary School. I come from Chonchola village, in Tsabango. My mother is a shopkeeper.

My school is located in Masakhwa village. Most schools in Malawi have adequate learning and teaching materials. But Nankhali doesn’t have these things.

We only have six class rooms, which isn’t enough. Many pupils sit on the floor and books are few.

UNICEF has started helping us little by little with learning materials and the construction of toilets, something which we didn’t have before. Previously, students used to go to the nearby bush to relieve themselves.

But now I am very happy because UNICEF is constructing new classroom blocks. We will get new classrooms, toilet blocks, water pumps and even a library.

Chimwemwe and friends ask questions about the school design © UNICEF Malawi/2018/Jacob Nankhonya

This project will help me get a good education as it will provide a positive learning environment. The library will provide me with books and some learning materials.

I will be happy when all these things come true. I would like to be a nurse when I finish school.

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