Working on a project to help me learn better!

Innocent Katiya, standard 8 student at Nankhali
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Jacob Nankhonya

By Innocent Katiya

My name is Innocent Katiya. I live in Tambalale village, in Lilongwe. My father is a primary school teacher.

At my school, UNICEF is going to construct three classroom blocks, a library, toilets, staff houses and a borehole.

Innocent Katiya Innocent expresses his thoughts about the school design © UNICEF Malawi/2018/Jacob Nankhonya

I feel good about this project. I think this will help my education, especially during the rainy season, as we will be able to study inside. Currently, we sometimes take lessons outside.

I was able to interview the District Education Manager, Anderson Mtandika, who is taking part in the construction of our school.

He said he is happy with the project in his district because the students will have enough space for learning.

He explained: “It is good to construct a school because students will not miss any classes and will be able to learn during the rainy season.”

I also interviewed Ursula Currie from UNICEF who is directing the project. She said she was happy I was asking good questions.

When I asked her when they will start the project she said, “We will start to build the classrooms at in June, 2018.”

She also shared a picture of how the school will look. Ursula explained the people who are funding the building project are from Germany

I would like to be a bank manager when I finish school.

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