Life at Nankhali primary school

Chimwemwe Phiri, outside one of the new blocks under construction. UNICEF/2018/AMOS GUMULIRA

By Chisomo Phiri, Nankhali Primary school

I am Chimwemwe Phiri, a standard eight student at Nankhali primary school. I live in area 44 in Chochola village, which is under Traditional Authority Tsabango in Lilongwe. I  was born in poor family and I have faced many problems. In our family we are four children, two boys and two girls and I am the first born and the last born is Michelle.My mother is a shopkeeper. I would like to be a nurse or doctor when I finish school.

This school is located in Masankhawa village and it is in Kang’oma Education zone. This school doesn’t have enough learning materials and only has three school blocks with six classrooms. I am happy that now our school has an opportunity to have new classroom blocks which will be constructed by UNICEF.

UNICEF is constructing new classrooms, toilet, library and bringing a water pump to our school. We will now have four blocks of classrooms and more toilets Previously, some students used to go to the nearby bush to relieve themselves instead of using toilets. They will also build teachers houses as we didn’t have any. The library will provide us with books and some learning materials. These things will help because it will provide conducive learning environment.

Students inside a classroom at Nakhali primary school. UNICEF/2018/AMOS GUMULIRA

Many students at our school including those in standard 3 and 8 sit on the floor and learning books are few. In many schools in Malawi students sit on desks but it is sad that students at my school do not.

UNICEF employed reliable people to build the new, modern school blocks. They started construction a few weeks ago. The blocks that they are building are quite different from the old ones. These are beautiful and will attract many people. Schools around here have no classes like ours. Our school will be the most beautiful school in Lilongwe rural. They will also be teachers houses, library, toilets, boreholes, office and learning materials. But with UNICEF everything is possible now. Nankhali was the lowest school in Lilongwe rural east and development but from the look of things, it will be the top most one than any other school in area 44. Pupils are coming in large number from other schools due to what UNICEF is doing.

Students learning under  a tree at Nakhali primary school. UNICEF/2018/AMOS GUMULIRA

Sometime ago, many people were not allowing the children to come to this school because some students were learning under trees due to lack of classrooms. During the rainy season, students were not learning at all. But now we will be learning throughout the year. In those years, pupils were sitting on the floor but UNICEF has promised us desks and they say desks are coming soon so we are proud of it, and I also thank UNICEF for bringing this development in our area.

When the school demands money my parents give me very late because they have to find it after struggles. My Dad works as a shopkeeper in an Indian shop. He receives small amount of money that does not cover all our needs.

My ambition is to become a doctor or a nurse after finishing my education. Lastly, am thanking UNICEF for giving support to Nankhali school and I hope I will make a bright future from this school.

I am Chimwemwe Phiri. Thanks.

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