The School Blocks being Built at Our School

UNICEF MALAWI CONSTUCT SCHOOL AND ADMINISTRATION BLOCKS AT NANKHThirteen yearold Aaron Misheck outside a new block under construction at Nankhali primary school. © UNICEF Malawi/2018/Amos Gumulira

My name is Aaron Misheck and I am 13 years old. There are four children in our family. I live with both parents. My father is a farmer and he grows vegetables like pumpkin leaves.

It was  on 7 September 2018 when the builders started  building new school blocks at our school. So far the foundation of school blocks look good.

Our families  came to help with the construction. Women draw water and men help with laying of  the bricks while other men help with the construction itself.

Women drawing water for building the new blocks at Nankhali primary school. 
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Amos Gumulira

It is a good thing that the classrooms are being constructed at our school. I am filled with happiness when I see the foundation of the school blocks and I think that between November and December the construction work will be finished.

I am in standard 8, the last year of primary school. We learn different subjects like Chichewa, Mathematics, Social and Environmental Science, Life Skills and many more. But my favorite subjects are English, Chichewa and Mathematics.

I like playing games like football and netball. Above all I like reading books when I go to school.

Our school has a beautiful garden, it looks good and it has vegetables of various types including Chinese cabbage. The garden is well protected because it has a fence.

To me, I want the school to have many committees so that not only a single person should be in charge of different activities.

When I finish my school I want to be a doctor because I want to treat people especially those living in rural areas.

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