Severely malnourished Gladys Manuel is back on her feet

In the outskirts of the city of Lilongwe, lie rural areas where families struggle to meet basic needs. This is where 2-year-old Gladys Manuel lives, in Chikuse village TA Malili. She is the second born in the family of two. Her mother, Rita Luwe (23 years old) got divorced when Gladys was only 9 months old. Life has not been easy for a young single mother to take care of the two children.

Supporting front-line health workers to end malnutrition

On a bright Thursday morning some fifty or so women gather at Machinga District Hospital in Southern Malawi for a weekly ritual. They bring their children whose ages range from about a year to four years old. In front of the room two hospital staff are attending to the children- checking charts, doing tests and sending them off for appropriate assistance, medication or supplies.

Ebola prevention in Malawi

At the northern tip of the country, and off the shores of lake Malawi, lies Karonga district. One of Malawi’s largest border posts, Songwe border, lies in this district. Every year, thousands of travelers, traders, refugees and migrants trickle into the country through this border. Making it an area prone to health epidemics. In 2018, when Ebola broke out in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, the Karonga District Health Office (DHO) was put on alert

Toilets and clean hands for all: Key to saving lives

Washing hands after toilet use is now a routine that ensures that no one is left behind in sanitation and hygiene © UNICEF Malawi/2019/BPhumisa By Blessings Phumisa, UNICEF Malawi In the lakeshore district of Karonga in northern Malawi, cholera[1] took away eight precious lives in 2018. Diarrhoea, caused by poor sanitation and hygiene, and unsafe … Continue reading Toilets and clean hands for all: Key to saving lives