Sheikh Chienda believes education can end child marriage

Its thirteen degrees Celsius in the commercial city of Blantyre. Winter is taking its toll on the city and the hills are covered in fog. Yet the streets still are filled with people moving about, trying to make money to make ends meet. In the north-east of the city lies Ndirande township mosque. Muslims in the area put their business on hold for midday Friday prayers. Sheikh Ahmad Chienda begins Friday prayers by speaking about child marriage

Dedza priest works with youth clubs to end child marriage

Father Kadzingo, 37 is a priest and youth chaplain for the Roman Catholic Dedza diocese. In the past, youth chaplains used to be older men, but now the church is appointing younger priests who can better relate to adolescents. Perhaps because of his age, Father Kadzingo is passionate about youth issues and his enthusiasm is infectious. He smiles broadly and laughs as he chats outside Ntcheu Parish Church, with a new Chichewa translation of the Bible in his hands.