Providing emergency assistance through cash transfers

Mwandida Kazembe has one job: ensuring her four children have enough to eat. It’s not an easy task. The family has struggled since her husband’s death seven years ago. Farming is Mwandida’s only source of food; she grows maize on a small garden plot. In a good year, she harvests five bags of maize, enough to feed her family for about five months. However, there haven’t been enough good years lately so she’s had to make do with just two or three bags each year. “The rain is unpredictable, it comes late or too little,” says Mwandida.

Empowering child justice through photography

The young photographers practice their photography skills while taking shots of children playing in the village. © UNICEF Malawi/2016/Giacomo Pirozzi By Lulutani Tembo, UNICEF Malawi With the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) being a vital part of the work of UN agencies, fostering SDGs engagement, awareness and advocacy is essential to show the progress … Continue reading Empowering child justice through photography